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Guest Relations Ambassador

Looking for a dedicated professional who ensures exceptional guest experiences in luxury settings. You will provide personalised service, address guest needs and concerns, and strive to create a luxurious and unforgettable stay.


With a focus on VIP and special guest services, you are expected to deliver outstanding customer service, handle guest requests, and maintain the highest standards of hospitality, create a sophisticated and exclusive environment for discerning individuals.

Guest Relations Manager

A key leadership role, you will be responsible for overseeing exceptional guest experiences in luxury establishments, and ensuring the delivery of personalised and impeccable services to discerning guests.

As manager, you will ensure seamless operations, coordinate with other departments, uphold the luxurious standards of the establishment, and foster long-term relationships to drive guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Front Office Specialist

With a focus on creating a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere, you will be expected to handle guest inquiries, assist with reservations, and provide personalised recommendations. Looking for someone with a high attention to detail and professionalism to contribute to a flawless guest experience. As a specialist, you are expected to possess in-depth knowledge of the establishment's offerings and amenities, and ensure guests feel valued and attended to throughout their stay.

Purchasing Executive

Looking for a skilled professional responsible for managing the procurement process of high-end and exclusive products and services for luxury establishments. You are expected to possess a strong knowledge of the luxury market and work closely with suppliers and vendors. With a focus on quality, exclusivity, and attention to detail, you will negotiate contracts and ensure timely delivery of luxury goods. Your role is crucial in maintaining the esteemed reputation of the establishment that cater to the discerning tastes of affluent clientele.


Looking for people with a passion for mixology and a deep knowledge of spirits, ingredients, and flavour profiles and an expertise in various cocktail-making techniques, ensuring precise measurements, skillful mixing, and creative presentation. Your role is to create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere, delivering memorable experiences through the artistry of mixology.

Restaurant Managers

Looking for a a seasoned professional who oversees operations and ensures exceptional dining experiences. You should possess strong leadership skills and in-depth understanding of the luxury hospitality industry. Your responsibilities include managing restaurant staff, coordinating reservations and maintaining high standards of service. 

Restaurant Floor Waiters

You are responsible for taking orders, serving food and beverages, and ensuring a seamless dining experience for customers. With a focus on exceptional customer service, you are expected to anticipate guest needs, offer recommendations, and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Pastry Chef

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, you will be expected to develop and execute unique dessert menus that showcases creativity and expertise. Pastry Chefs work closely with the kitchen team, collaborating on menu planning, ingredient sourcing, and quality control.

Hospitality Interns

As Hospitality Interns, you will be expected to assist various departments depending on your area of interest. You will learn about industry operations, customer service, teamwork, and organisational procedures. Hospitality Interns actively engage with guests, handle basic administrative tasks, and contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the establishment.

Indian Chef

Looking for a Halwaii or culinary professional who specialises in Indian sweets and desserts. You are expected to be highly skilled in the art of making a wide variety of Indian sweets, known as "Mithai," using traditional recipes and techniques.

For All Applications, send your resumes to

Luxurious Bedroom
"Hospitality is the key to unlock extraordinary experiences and create lasting memories for our guests."

Bill Marriott

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